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Flood Control


HT&J, LLC is a Houston based consulting Civil Engineering firm specializing in flood control, water, and wastewater related work. Our services include evaluation, design, and rehabilitation of storm drainage systems, flood control systems, and water and wastewater systems. We work to enable our clients’ projects to succeed by closely targeting client objectives, timeframes, and budget goals at every stage of project development. Our clients include federal, state, and local governments, airports, consulting firms, universities, and private developers.

What We Do

Wastewater Systems

Layout, Sizing, & Updates
Pressure Sewers & Lift Stations
Inflow & Infiltration Studies
Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

Water Systems

Capacity Distribution & Upgrades
Storage Tanks & Treatment
Rates, Charges, & Recommendations
Pressure Station & Intakes

Flood Control

Storm Runoff Pattern Modeling
Floodplain Revision, CLOMR, LOMR
Channels, Bayou, Culverts Design

Storm Drainage

Storm Flow Management
Street Drainage Improvements